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About the BeeBus

All aboard the BeeBus


Enter the fascinating world of the honey bee


Join our Busy Bee Team and have fun learning all about our most amazing pollinators, the honey bees, and their vital role in our ecosystem, the food chain and global health.

The BeeBus© unique edutainment centre visits schools and companies to hold hands-on lessons and inspiring CSR initiatives centered upon these fascinating creatures.

The BeeBus is a fully equipped roving classroom!  
Facilities include:​​
  • TV and power points

  • Desks

  • Kitchen

  • Outdoor shade area

  • External seating for 25

  • Reading chair and buzzy books

  • Dress up as

Learn cool facts: 

  • How bees make honey

  • Why we really need bees and other pollinators for our food, drinks and clothes

  • The biology of the honey bee

  • Honey bees in the Quran 

  • Why pollination is so important 



  • Tasting delicious organic local honey taken straight from the hives of our fantastic local beekeepers

  • Traditional honey crafts using honey bee products

  • Dancing and singing with the BeeBus team 


Most importantly, learn why honey bees and other pollinators urgently need our help and what we can do to help them.