When you book the BeeBus you will:


Why we need bees for our future and their role in our local environment


The way in corporate sustainability through leadership at grass roots level


Save the bees and protect our environment for future generations


How companies can become better decision makers and more efficient by behaving like bees


Your company to create something positive that will make a positive, immediate difference to underprivileged of our society


A fun interactive day

Explore the 


world of bees

Learn why helping the bees is ultimately helping ourselves and business

Programme Options

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Option 1 - Build a hive

Contribute to our new ‘One hive, One world’ programme. The hives your team builds will be donated to low income, subsistence dwelling, novice beekeepers to provide them with a new business and food source.

1 Hive                 

Up to 8 people     

AED 3,900                           


2 hives                

Up to 16 people

AED 7,800


3 Hives               

Up to 24 people

AED 11,750


Length of Programme:    3 Hours

Larger numbers can be accommodated with special provisions.

Option 2 - Build a bee hotel

Bird House for placing in local spaces

Up to 20 employees               AED3,000

Up to 40 employees               AED5,800

Up to 60 employees               AED7,900

1 Bee Hotel per 2 people

Length of Programme 2.5 hours    

Option 3 - Honey and heritage

Ideal for large scale company picnic events held in large open areas. 


Have your staff enjoy a learning experience about saving local pollinators, especially the Arabian Dwarf Bee. 


View bees through the Observation Hive 


Taste local honey varieties and find out about  their individual properties, colours and health benefits. 

Explore traditional beekeeping techniques from a variety of countries, including the UAE 


All events are priced individually and are tailored to meet your specific needs. 

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On the BeeBus Corporate day, all programmes include:

  • Observing live bees using our unique Observation Hive

  • Interactive sessions on why bees are important for our local environment, heritage and culture

  • How drawing life lessons from bees can make your company more efficient, more closely knit and more productive

  • Sampling local raw honey and learning about its health benefits

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BEE 2.png
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