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Meet your local beekeepers

Find out how honey is made and how the beekeeper works in harmony with the bees to care for them and extract delicious golden honey. In this class you can meet the bees up close using our special observation hive.

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The sisterhood of bees

Bees have a fascinating social structure. In this programme we examine the how they communicate, the different roles they have in their hive over their lifespan, their ability to cooperate and how they put the benefit of the hive before the individual bee.

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Bees in the Quran

Did you know that bees have their own special place in the Holy Quran? We discover why  these insects, and the plants they rely on, merit specific mentions in the Quran.(This programme has some built-in Arabic language components for non-native speakers).

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Did you know bees are responsible for 1 in every 3 bites of food we eat, because of their ability to pollinate plants? Find out how it all works and enjoy hands-on pollination quizzes, fun and games.

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UAE bees

Did you know that the UAE has its own native Arabian Dwarf Bee? We explore how this fantastic insect lives and thrives in the tough desert environment, and what they do to eat, drink and survive.

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The biology of bees

Learn all about the lifecycle and body parts of the honey bee. Explore fun facts like:

How does the queen reproduce? 

How do they feed, navigate, create honey and live within the hive? 

Why have they evolved to have two stomachs?

How fast do their wings beat?

Check out live bees and join in the fun.

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