Friends of the Bees

Linda van Heerden

Lindi is a passionate digital marketing specialist. Her company specialises in website developer and digital marketing strategies for companies big and small. 


In her spare time she is an online and in-class lecturer in digital marketing. 


She loves the outdoors and teaching her young daughter how to garden and care for nature. 



Website Developer and Digital Marketing Strategist

Lindi van Heerden

Anja Hirscher

Anja Hirscher is a noted researcher, graphic designer and workshop facilitator. She has deep passion for sustainable and responsible design and is fascinated by the positive impact good design can have on human behaviour. Anja strongly believes that a designer’s creativity is a great tool to foster sustainable development.

In the design project for the BeeBus, Anja united our vision for fun, curiosity and saving the bees with sustainable design concepts easily understood by all cultures. With the help of the Vendetta Race team, who re-imagined the interior of an old tour bus belonging to the INXS pop group, she was able to create a unique brand for the ‘world's-first’ mobile edutainment concept.

Anja is constantly spurred to follow her ethical values and without her overarching designs for the BeeBus, we would be infinitely poorer.




Anja Hirscher

Nadia Nezar

Nadia is a very talented artist and environmentalist. A Zoology graduate, Nadia has a love of nature, travelling, skiing, being in nature and her art. Thanks to her artistic contribution, we have the cutest beehives ever!


Her one-off designs and meticulous attention to detail have resulted in fantastic hives that are the envy of beekeepers throughout the Gulf!


Nadia Nezar

Olivier Cantagrel

Olivier is a committed beekeeper and gardener, who loves to share his passion with everyone. It is thanks to him and his bees that we have our observation hives to enjoy on the BeeBus.


Olivier can also be found regularly removing swarms of wild bees for neighbours and sharing his delicious honey. 

To have a swarm removed please contact Olivier directly on WhatsApp 050 705 89 22.

Olivier's Bee Farm

Olivier Cantagrel

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